24 Hour Crisis Line
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CASA offers a wide variety of services and programs. Our volunteers are an integral part of all agency operations. CASA volunteers can provide direct services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Volunteers who wish to help in a more indirect way may assist with our children’s program, our community education program, and agency assistance.
If you would like to work directly with the Abuse Victims you must complete the required 40 hour victim advocate training program.  The programs with a star * will need the required training.

*  Crisis Line Advocate: Provide emotional support, help in developing problem solving skills, and information about community resources to people calling the 24 hour crisis line.

*  On-Call Pager: Be on-call to the Crisis Line Advocate and shelter staff for transportation needs of victims’ seeking shelter at CASA.

* Children’s Program: Provide and/or assist with facilitation of groups and field trips for resident children.

*  Legal, Medical, and Social Service Advocates:  Accompany clients to and/or acting on behalf of clients in courts, police stations, hospitals, and social service agencies.

*  Crisis Response Team Advocate: Provide crisis intervention with victims immediately following arrest of a domestic violence or sexual assault perpetrators.

* Donations Volunteer: The facilities volunteer will pick up, record, and sort donations.

* Maintenance Volunteer: Make minor repairs to the facility and assist with cleaning, yard work, moving heavy items, and distributing donations.

* Transportation Volunteer: Provide transportation for women and children to and from various locations.

* Special Events Volunteer: Assist with special events and fundraisers.

* Clerical Volunteer: Assists the administrative staff with daily duties. Volunteers answer the office telephone, make copies, type, file papers, make phone calls, and prepare mailings.

* Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement

CASA requires that all information gained through service with our organization be treated confidentially. Discussing any information with people who are not volunteers or who are not staff members, in any situation, will destroy the bond of trust between the participant and CASA and will undermine our services.
The location of CASA is confidential and may not be shared with anyone outside the organization.
A breach of confidentiality is a serious violation of trust and ethical responsibility. It can jeopardize the safety of participants, staff and volunteers, and thus may be a cause for immediate dismissal from service. CASA expects all volunteers to not divulge any information during or after their tenure of service with CASA.

* Volunteer Application